HAHWellness Signature Treatment

⋅The HAHWellness Signature Treatment is my own unique combination of Acupuncture, FSM/Microcurrent, & Healing Music with Subliminal Affirmations.
This is a more hands-off (unattended) treatment than my Combination treatment.

Good for the following;
Radiant health & Well being   Self-healing  Stress reduction  Jet lag                                                                                                                                                             And for Women Breast health Spiritual anti-aging facial with guided meditation

These treatments are highly recommended for monthly “tune-ups”, and at the bare minimum – seasonally, and can even be enjoyed weekly.  It balances your energy, centers your mood, restores vitality; improves sleep, boosts the immune system & improves your general well-being.

Science has proven the healing benefits of electromagnetic/vibrational resonance therapies (like acupuncture, micro-current, music therapy, meditation, and positive healing affirmations.)  Although they are subtle and gentle, ALL of these combined together have an even more profound and cumulative effect on the whole body, mind, and spirit, ESPECIALLY when supported with proper lifestyle and nutritional choices.

A   N O T E   F R O M   J E N N I F E R
Today especially, we live in a world inundated with many unhealthy electromagnetic currents and  I personally think FSM is the remedy, addressing bad frequencies with good frequencies. I incorporate FSM with acupuncture and Healing Music with incredible results.