HAHWellness Combination Treatment

This Combination Treatment, only available here at HAHwellness,  is my own unique and extremely effective treatment combining acupuncture, fsm, & lymphatic massage. This treatment is effective for chronic and acute pain management and muscle tightness. Ideal for healthy &  physically-active individuals  with tightness, pain, or injuries from recreational activities, sports (including professional athletes & dancers), &  repetitive overuse (like the computer)  .  This is a more hands-on treatment than the Signature Treatment. 

Depending on your goal(s), these treatments vary anywhere from 1 hour (minimum) to 2 hours (maximum) and will be determined at the time they are scheduled. The goal of this treatment could address either one particular area, or just be an overall “tune-up” to keep you doing the things you love.


Acupuncture & Massage in a single session can be an even more effective way to address acute and chronic issues. Either one can be done first but it really depends on what we’re addressing and how your body responds. Everyone is different and even then, our bodies vary from time to time. Treatment times also vary. Simple treatments can easily be 1 hour sessions (30 minutes acupuncture, 30 minutes massage), while complex and/or multiple concerns usually require 1 ½ to 2 hours.  Since there are so few practitioners that offer both, there are no rules, and so many possibilities!

A combined treatment for specific concerns are best addressed by focusing ONLY on those areas before doing general balancing treatments. I might even need to alternate back and forth for greater effectiveness.

 Acupuncture before massage is definitely more effective for musculoskeletal concerns. It reduces painful tight areas, knots, and trigger points and allows the massage to be more comfortable and relaxing.  However, using massage techniques first for palpation purposes definitely helps to locate “special-needs” areas in which to insert acupuncture needles more precisely and effectively, and to access and release deeper areas. Massage after acupuncture is exceptional for general circulation and relaxation, and of course soothing and “connecting all the dots”. If you have massage regularly for “problem areas”, you really need to try a combination.

 Massage before acupuncture when using acupuncture as a subtle energy treatment or for systemic and meridian balancing, it is BEST to do massage first to address the denser physical body layer, and then end with acupuncture. This will best allow the cellular tissues & structures, subtle energies, and the body’s innate healing mechanisms to readjust to the healthier and more balanced new changes and messages that the treatment is trying to communicate to the body.


ACUPUNCTURE: is the stimulation of specific points on the body with needles or pressure. Stimulation of these points redistributes and restores the flow of energy, allowing the body to balance and heal itself more effectively.

MASSAGE: I use the appropriate customized techniques from my varied background and training [Lomilomi, Trigger point, Swedish, Myofascial, Deep tissue, Lymphatic Drainage, Neuromuscular, Acupressure, Prenatal/Postpartum, & Geriatric].

Lomilomi uses many techniques (effleurage, petrissage, compression, tapotement, exfoliating, moist heat, and stretching). It is both relaxing and therapeutic and benefits all body systems (skeletal, tendino-muscular, circulatory, lymphatic, digestive, and nervous systems). We use the palms, forearms, and fingers, with light to deep pressure, customizing the various techniquesIt is relaxing and therapeutic, gentle yet powerful.

A  N O T E   F R O M   J E N N I F E R . . .
 “I personally love the philosophy of Lomilomi because so many people want deep tissue body work, which often is very aggressive, painful, and invasive. Lomilomi embraces the wisdom of listening to and allowing the body and tissues to determine the appropriate rate and depth of pressure, without being hastily forceful, invasive, and painful.”

Optimal health and lasting effects from any therapeutic treatments require stabilizing the human system. Changes have to be supported by proper lifestyle, exercise, diet & nutrition, sleep; bio-mechanical & metabolic functioning; healthy immune system, reducing inflammation, allergies, & toxicity (physical, mental, & emotional); pyschospiritual support,  positive attitude, motivation, and purpose in life.

“My initial visit was due to a referral from a very satisfied client of Jennifer’s. I was experiencing extreme sciatic pain and after only one 90 minute session with Jennifer, I was pain free. Prior to this appointment I was switching between 3 other massage therapists for chronic neck/shoulder pain due to a work injury from years past as well as a recent yoga injury. Since my first appointment with Jennifer, I now consider her my “body & mind” therapist. I see Jennifer for pain and also when I am not in pain, incorporating acupuncture, fsm, lymphatic massage, & whole food nutrition & supplements into my health regiment. Besides timely call backs and efforts made to “squeeze” me in, Jennifer has superb listening skills. She continues to amaze me by hearing every word I speak; i.e. “I’m starting to golf”. She immediately educated me on stretching exercises and proper body mechanics to ensure I maintain a balanced body, and by my next appointment had xeroxed copies of the relevant stretches she spoke of. I have referred several people to Jennifer and all of them have been completely satisfied with her work. With Jennifer I feel my health and mind are of genuine concern. She is very knowledgeable and a healer of her craft. She is a key to my ability to maintain “quality of life”.

— K.C.